The term Manual Therapy is sometimes used as a catch-all term for any hands-on technique, but nowadays it is also used to designate an advanced practice credential. What is most significant is that therapists with these credentials have completed programs that involve intensive review, training, and practice of advanced therapeutic skills and knowledge under the supervision of a qualified instructor. These areas of knowledge include: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology (Movement Science), Embryology (the study of growth and development), Pathology (the study of disease processes), Physics, and Treatment Kinesthetics (the development of specialized examination and treatment by touch).

Techniques of Manual Physical Therapy range from High Velocity Joint and Soft-Tissue Manipulation Techniques to those which are Slow and Gentle. They may involve methods to relax or enhance any of the elements of the MusculoSkeletal or NeuroMuscular Systems. While most people will be well-served by any physical therapist it is often useful to consult with one who has attained a higher level of skill. At Performance Physical Therapy, our Therapists have spent years acquiring advanced training under the watchful eyes of master clinicians.