Our Treatment Philosophy


Here at Performance, we embrace a whole body approach to patient care. We attend to the whole person, not just your parts. If you have had a condition (or multiple conditions) for any length of time, your body has adapted, compensated, and changed to balance the associated stresses. Other tissues and body regions are now affected and you may develop symptoms for which no good explanation is offered. Unique to our practice, we examine and treat the whole body, correcting imbalances, stabilizing them, retraining and restoring natural motion. By optimizing all aspects of your body's function you can be pain free again. Your health will blossom and your activity performance will improve.

We employ a Multi-faceted Approach - using cutting edge techniques in fitness, movement therapy, modalities, and manual therapy specifically geared to enhance your healing response.

Your Care is Individualized - by working with the same therapist, specific interventions will be developed just for you rather than generalized remedies. And, in order to create a healing environment that is peaceful and personal, private treatment rooms are used.

Specialized Training -You will learn how your body works, how to make it work better, and how to keep it that way.

Superior Knowledge - we keep abreast of the most current research and methods from the world over, actively seeking out the most effective treatment techniques available. For more information, please read the "Techniques We Use" section.

Practitioners at Performance Physical Therapy examine, analyze, and treat your alignment and mobility in order to optimize function. After all, it really doesn't matter how straight you are if you can't move.